The philosophy

The main objective of SLCE watermakers is to satisfy you by offering standard or specific reverse osmosis water treatment units that meet your requirements.
This strong idea translates into the following principles: easy installation, reliability and performance, simple operation, energy saving and technical support.

Easy installation

SLCE watermakers offers equipment designed in monobloc and/or modular frames. The installation is thus limited to connecting low-pressure hydraulics and power supply. This “plug & play” configuration favors a fast and correct installation.

Reliability and performance

The design of SLCE watermakers equipment is based on dependable and proven solutions offering the best results in endurance tests under real conditions.

The sizing of SLCE watermakers equipment ensures long-term performance stability and optimizes the life of the components.

Simple operation

Accessible components through an open frame design, combined with a refined “start & stop”  human/machine interface, lead to a limited intervention rate.


Energy saving

Since the early 2000s, SLCE watermakers has incorporated energy recovery devices that, depending on the conditions of use, achieve a power consumption of less than 3kWh/m³ of freshwater produced.

Technical support

SLCE watermakers has a global network of technical and commercial agents capable of supporting you from the definition of the need to the operation of the equipment as well as commissioning and training.

SLCE watermakers equipment are supplied with a user manual including: a description of the operating and maintenance procedures and a fault tree allowing the user to be autonomous.