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Purify water through reverse osmosis process

SLCE watermakers develops standard or tailor-made reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment.
Reverse osmosis is a process that desalts seawater or demineralized brackish water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows molecules of water (H2O) to pass and blocks the salts as well as all the organic compounds. The water that passes through it is thus purified, mineral and drinkable.


SLCE watermakers

For nearly 30 years, SLCE watermakers has been designing, manufacturing and selling reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment.

The company relies on the use of high quality components, strict manufacturing procedures and a dense and efficient global network of agencies around the world. This allows us to offer a very high level of quality and very reactive services.

SLCE watermakers exports 80% of its production all around the world and offers a complete range of units producing from 1 to over 1500 m3/day of fresh, industrial or ultra pure water .

SLCE watermakers equipment are offered in standard or tailor-made according to your constraints and technical requirements.


The expertise of SLCE watermakers in the field of reverse osmosis water treatment allows it to meet any type of requirement.

Whether it is desalinators meeting shock resistance constraints in the military navy, very compact units that can be integrated into small vessels, ATEX units in the offshore sector or equipment producing ultra pure water in the nuclear and hospital sectors , SLCE watermakers has the know-how required to carry out any projects.


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Mobile solutions.

BPN, a dynamic Breton association for the professionals of the maritime world, oil & gas and RME, benefits from the synergies of the numerous mobile technical solutions offered by world-renowned Breton companies in order to offer complete and consistent solutions. This concept is known as SHELTI Breizh. As a specialist in reverse osmosis water treatment,…

SLCE watermakers rating by DCNS.

SLCE watermakers, as a collaborator of the renowned shipyard DCNS, has been rated according to 5 criteria: Compliance to the technical requirements and Quality, Control of deadlines, Control of costs, Management of health & safety at work, Relational, Management of Quality, Progress plan. The grade of 19.10/20 rewards the quality of the work provided by…


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